Discover eternal Nubia.

Escape the beaten path of Egyptian tourism.

Beyond Upper Egypt, between the first and second Nile cataracts, on the borders of the by then Known World, lies Nubia. The Greek country of Kush, where more than 3000 years ago, a mighty emperor named as Ramesses II decided to erect lavish temples to impress and warn incoming visitors.

3188 years after their achievement, as the temples were threatened by the rising waters of the Aswan High Dam, Unesco decided to relocated them 64 meters higher, to preserve this World Heritage. The temples were safe, but there was collateral damage: Nubian themselves. Settled since millennia on banks of the Nile, they witnessed their country flooded, and around 100.000 of their people displaced.

In 2005, after working for 10 years as a tour guide on cruise ships on the Lake Nasser, Fikri Kachef decided to create charming hotel in the purest Nubian tradition. Using crude bricks made of Nile mud and straw, multiplying domes and vaults, decorated with Nubian art and crafts, Fikri baptized this ecolodge “Eskaleh” (“water wheel” in Nubian), in memory of the irrigation systems that flourished on the river banks.

Far away from the hords of tourists and crowded downtown Abu Simbel, yet so close to the temples, Eskaleh Nubian Ecolodge spreads its terrasse on the lake shore, immersed in pure tranquility, where you will enjoy the best of Nubian gastronomy. A unique experience in Abu Simbel, Eskaleh is a peacefull retreat in the heart of the land of the Pharaohs.

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